1001 Corporation Parkway
Suite 112
, Raleigh NC 27610

CARE TECH is an IDA Recognized Training Center

There are many qualifications a recognized training center needs to meet, along with a rigorous vetting process to be chosen the prestigious title.

We are very happy to announce that our CARE TECH Training Center in Raleigh, North Carolina is an official IDA Recognized Training Center (RTC). You now have access to the IDA Certified Detailer (CD) and Skills Validated (SV) location throughout the year. These are great achievements and demonstrate a basic knowledge and applied skills needed to be an accomplished detailing professional.

The purpose of the RTC program is to provide IDA members with a high-quality, equipped training center to assist members in their detailing education. This is another perk the IDA provides to its members to develop competence and confidence in their detailing skills and knowledge.

CARE TECH is the perfect training environment for students to take their detailing and reconditioning skills to the next level. Whether just starting out, or mastering the art of paint correction and preservation, CARE TECH offers specialized certified classes, including IDA, CD and SV Testing.

How Do You Join the IDA Association?


2345 Rice Street, Suite 220
St. Paul, MN 55113
651-317-8048 fax

What Does it Cost?

SINGLE – CD or SV only:

$200 for IDA Members and $400 for non-members.

COMBO – CD and SV:

$350 for IDA Members and $700 for non-members.

What are the Programs Offered?

There are 3 options: CD, SV, or a combination of CD and SV, for the complete certification. The Certified Detailer Program (Phase I) consists of an intensive one day course covering all aspects of detailing. At the conclusion of this course, you will take ten exams, 10-20 questions each, covering the following subject areas: Equipment, Chemicals, Glass, Interior Detailing, Leather, Paint Correction & Protection, Wheels & Tires, Prep Wash/Wash Bay, Detailing Terminology, and Safety & Compliance. To become a Certified Detailer, class participants must have a passing grade of 80% on each exam.

The Skills Validated (Phase II) Program covers four primary categories in which each candidate must demonstrate their hands-on ability to perform. They must have passed the ten written exams in Phase I and completed an in-person testing by an IDA Recognized Trainer in the following areas: Wash Bay/Prep, Interior, Exterior Correction, and Finishing Steps. Each portion of the testing will be a one-on-one teacher to student session.