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Master your detailing skills and learn the trade by attending our 4 Day Certified CARE TECH training course. The 4 Day Certified CARETECH Training Course must be taken consecutively in one week. Single day class enrollment is no longer an option.

After completing each of the courses above, you will receive an Official CARETECH Detailing Certificate for each class.

We keep class sizes to no more than 6 students. We have 2 to 3 Master Certified Trainers instructing each course. This provides the most personal attention for hands-on learning.  

We offer extensive hands on training in the following courses: CORE DETAIL TRAINING (COMPLETE INTERIOR & EXTERIOR CLEANING & POLISHING), SANDING & LEVELING PAINT CORRECTION, and SHIELD CERAMICS (& GRAPHENE) COATING.  Click each course below to learn more about it:


The CORE DETAILING TRAINING (2 DAY) course combines the most thorough fundamentals of the detailing industry from prep wash, engine bay, interior/exterior reconditioning and paint correction. All classes must be completed in one week.

CARETECH Auto Detailing Training Classes

Course Highlights:

Expert Instruction: Benefit from the guidance of certified instructors boasting decades of industry experience. Their passion for teaching the art of automotive reconditioning and detailing forms the foundation of our comprehensive training.

In-Depth Learning: Dive deep into the intricacies of detailing, covering essential areas such as prep wash, engine bay, and both interior and exterior detailing. Our detailed curriculum ensures a holistic understanding of the craft.

Interactive Small Classes: Enjoy an intimate learning environment with small class sizes, guaranteeing ample one-on-one time with instructors. This personalized approach enhances your hands-on learning experience.

State-of-the-Art Facility: Immerse yourself in our cutting-edge 4,000 sqf CARETECH training facility, recognized by the International Detailing Association (IDA). Train in an environment designed for optimal learning and skill development.

Real-World Vehicle Training: Apply your skills to real-world vehicles, gaining practical experience that prepares you for various detailing scenarios.

Professional Grade Chemicals and Equipment: Work with Majestic Solutions’ professional grade chemicals, mastering their proper usage. Engage with the latest state-of-the-art detailing equipment, including polishers, steamers, extractors, and specialized cleaning tools.

Industry Insights and Safety Focus: Stay updated on car care industry trends and receive crucial information about chemical and workplace safety. Equip yourself with knowledge that ensures both efficiency and safety in your detailing processes.

Efficient Techniques: Learn the most effective methods to recondition vehicles, emphasizing working smarter, not harder. Acquire specialized tips and techniques that enhance your efficiency and quality of work.

Ongoing Support: Count on unlimited support from Majestic Solutions, not just during the class but also afterward. We are not just your source; we are your ongoing resource for success in the detailing industry.

Certification and Benefits: Upon completion of the 2-day, 16-hour training course, earn your CARETECH CORE DETAILING TRAINING Certification. Enjoy included lunch and class materials, making your learning experience seamless.

Class Details:Limited to 6 students for personalized attention– Full payment required for online reservation

Course duration: 2 days (16 hours)- Timing: 8 am to 5 pm each day (Please arrive 15 minutes prior to class)

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DAY 3: SANDING & LEVELING PAINT CORRECTION covers the most effective sanding, leveling and paint correction for professionals wanting to elevate their skills and efficiency.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must complete the DAY 1 & 2: CORE DETAILING TRAINING Course before attending this class. After DAY 3 completion, you will be able to attend the DAY 4: SHIELD CERAMIC COATINGS CLASS.

Course Highlights:

1. Abrasive Materials Selection:
Gain in-depth knowledge to discern and select various abrasive materials critical for superior paint correction. Understand the nuances of different abrasives, ensuring your work achieves exceptional results.

2. Advanced Sanding Techniques:
Perfect the delicate art of sanding and paint reconditioning. Master techniques that transform surfaces, creating a flawless canvas for paintwork.

3. Paint System Mastery:
Comprehend multiple types of paint systems, allowing you to adapt your approach according to the specific requirements of each system. Enhance your versatility in the detailing arena.

4. Tailored Paint Reconditioning:
Learn the intricacies of reconditioning soft, medium, and hard paint finishes. Understand the unique challenges posed by each type and acquire techniques to restore their pristine quality.

5. Safe Imperfection Removal:
Discover safe methods to remove paint imperfections and textures, ensuring the integrity of the vehicle’s finish. Develop skills that preserve the paint while achieving remarkable correction.

6. Polishing Machine Expertise:
Learn how to select the correct polishing machine(s) tailored to the job at hand. Acquire mastery over polishing equipment, maximizing your efficiency in the paint correction process.

7. Paint Correction Mastery:
Enhance your paint correction abilities to deliver unmatched results. Explore advanced techniques that elevate your craft, setting new standards in precision and quality.

8. Preparation for Ceramic Coatings:
Gain insights into the best practices for preparing surfaces for DAY 4: SHIELD Ceramic Coatings. Understand the foundational steps that ensure the seamless application of ceramic coatings.

9. Intimate Learning Environment:
Benefit from a class limited to 6 students, ensuring maximum instruction time and personalized guidance from experienced instructors.

Certification and Benefits:
Upon successful completion, earn your prestigious CARETECH SANDING & LEVELING PAINT CORRECTION Certification. Enjoy complimentary lunch and receive all necessary materials to enhance your learning experience.

**Class Details:**
– Limited to 6 students for personalized instruction
– Online reservation & full payment required to secure your spot
– Course duration: Full day (8 am – 5 pm)

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DAY 4: SHIELD CERAMIC COATINGS TRAINING is designed to provide extensive information about SHIELD Ceramic Coatings products, processes, and techniques – with ample hands on experience. IMPORTANT NOTE: You must complete DAY 1 & 2: CORE DETAIL TRAINING and DAY 3: SANDING & LEVELING PAINT CORRECTION Classes prior to attending the SHIELD Coatings Class.

CARETECH Auto Detail Training Classes

Course Overview:

1. Unveiling the Past and Present: Explore the rich background and history of ceramic coatings, tracing their evolution in the detailing industry. Understand the current industry standards, providing you with a solid foundation for modern techniques.

2. Ceramic Coatings vs. Polymers and Waxes: Dive into a comparative study, dissecting the differences between ceramic coatings, polymers, and waxes. Gain insights into their unique properties, enabling you to make informed decisions for your clients.

3. Dispelling Myths and Misconceptions: Demystify the plethora of coating myths prevalent in the industry. Equip yourself with accurate knowledge to debunk misconceptions, ensuring you provide your clients with reliable information.

4. Effective Communication and Pricing Strategies: Learn the art of communicating your services effectively and determining client pricing. Develop persuasive communication skills and pricing strategies that resonate with potential customers, enhancing your business outreach.

5. Specialized Coating Applications: Delve into specialized areas such as coating matte/satin vinyl wrap finishes, plastic trim, wheels, calipers, windshield, textile, and leather. Master the art of precise application, ensuring a seamless and enduring finish.

6. Maintenance and Re-Coating: Address critical aspects like the longevity of coatings, coating hardness ratings, and the importance of re-coating. Understand environmental conditions, curing times, and offer tailored maintenance plans for sustained client satisfaction.

7. Classroom Learning and Hands-On Experience: Blend theoretical understanding with hands-on practice. Engage in interactive classroom sessions and practical exercises, refining your skills under expert guidance.

8. Exclusive Certification and Future Prospects: Upon completion, receive your prestigious SHIELD Ceramic Coatings Certification. This certification not only validates your expertise but also prepares you for advanced courses like the SHIELD PRO DIAMOND X Installers class, unlocking new opportunities in the industry.

Class Logistics:

  • Class duration: Full day (8 am – 5 pm)
  • Limited to 6 students for personalized instruction
  • Lunch and class materials provided
  • Online reservation & full payment required to secure your spot in the class

Ready to Elevate Your Ceramic Coating Expertise? Click the “Sign Up for a Class Here” button below to explore the next available class dates and register online. Embark on a transformative journey, mastering the intricacies of ceramic coatings and positioning yourself as a top-tier professional in the detailing industry.

  • In depth instruction using the highest level of coatings available – SHIELD PRO DIAMOND X.
  • Ample hands-on experience using SHIELD PRO DIAMOND X.
  • Thoroughly understanding the features and benefits that you will offer.
  • Learn the SHIELD PRO Certified Installer Warrantee Program.
  • We teach how to effectively communicate your services and best selling practices.
  • How to apply multiple coats and show proper process for application.
  • How to maintain and keep the durability for lasting results.
  • After Pro Certification, you will receive ongoing technical support.
  • Assistance in customized co-op brand marketing such as: point of sale materials, signage, ect.
  • Continuous assistance with business and marketing development.
  • Our goal is to make sure that your business succeeds and is highly profitable.
  • One day – 8 hours of training.
  • Class fee is $495
  • Lunch and class materials are included
  • Online reservation & full payment is required at time of booking to secure your spot in the class
  • 8a – 5p

NOTE: All 4 DAYS of the CARETECH Detailing Training Courses must be completed prior to taking this SHIELD CERTIFIED PRO INSTALLER PROGRAM.



Discover the gateway to a thriving business and a prosperous career in the detailing industry through Business Essentials. This meticulously crafted course is tailor-made for passionate business owners/operators, guiding them toward the pinnacle of success. Delve into a comprehensive curriculum designed to foster the right mindset, impart essential business strategies, and equip you with the knowledge needed to excel in the competitive detailing market.


1. Expert Insight: Benefit from the wisdom of certified instructors, individuals with decades of hands-on experience in the detailing industry. Their invaluable knowledge provides the cornerstone for developing the right mindset essential for business success.

2. Business Planning Excellence: Master the art of crafting a foolproof business plan and model. Understand the intricacies of strategic planning, ensuring your detailing venture is built on a solid foundation.

3. Startup Essentials: Navigate the complexities of startups, including legalities, business structure, and insurance. Gain clarity on the fundamental requirements necessary to establish and protect your business entity effectively.

4. Pricing Strategies and Menu Development: Learn the nuances of developing a compelling menu and structuring competitive rates. Understand the art of pricing your services, striking the perfect balance between profitability and customer appeal.

5. Innovative Marketing Tactics: Explore dynamic marketing strategies tailored for the detailing industry. Uncover the secrets of effective promotion, ensuring your services reach the right audience and create lasting impressions.

6. Equipment, Chemicals, and Safety Protocols: Acquaint yourself with the essential tools of the trade, including equipment, chemicals, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Understand their significance and how they contribute to the quality and safety of your services.

7. And Much More: Delve into a wealth of knowledge covering a myriad of topics crucial for your success. From customer relationship management to industry trends, Business Essentials provides a holistic understanding of the detailing business landscape.

Enroll in Business Essentials today and embark on a transformative journey that will empower you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to not only survive but thrive in the competitive world of detailing entrepreneurship.



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DEALER TECH: Elevating Dealership Reconditioning Techniques


Dealer Tech is a comprehensive 2-day training course meticulously designed for Dealership Reconditioning Technicians, offering an immersive experience in the intricate art of automotive detailing. This course integrates a profound understanding of fundamental detailing principles, ensuring technicians master every aspect of the reconditioning process. From meticulous prep and decontamination techniques to advanced paint correction methods, Dealer Tech equips participants with a robust skill set, elevating the quality and efficiency of any detail service department.

Course Components:

1. Thorough Detailing Fundamentals: Participants delve into the minutiae of the detailing industry, exploring essential areas such as prep and decontamination, engine bay detailing, interior and exterior reconditioning, paint correction, and maintenance/service wash procedures. Each module is meticulously crafted, ensuring a deep understanding of the techniques involved.

2. Expert Instruction: Class instruction is delivered by highly knowledgeable Certified Instructors, each possessing decades of industry experience. Their passion for teaching the art of automotive reconditioning is evident, providing students with insights that only real-world expertise can offer.

3. Comprehensive Learning Approach: Dealer Tech adopts a holistic teaching method, catering to diverse learning styles. The course combines theoretical knowledge with hands-on practical sessions, allowing participants to apply their understanding in real-time scenarios.

4. Majestic Solutions Professional Grade Chemicals: Participants gain invaluable experience by working with Majestic Solutions Professional Grade Chemicals. They not only learn about these chemicals but also understand their proper usage, ensuring optimal results and customer satisfaction.

5. Specialized Detailing Tools and Equipment: Hands-on practice sessions feature the latest specialized detailing tools and equipment, including polishers, steamers, extractors, and more. Participants become proficient in utilizing these tools, enhancing their skills and efficiency in reconditioning processes.

6. Focus on Safety: Dealer Tech emphasizes chemical and workplace safety, instilling best practices to ensure a secure working environment. Technicians learn how to handle chemicals responsibly and adopt safety measures that protect both themselves and their colleagues.

7. Certification and Recognition: Upon successful completion of the 2-day, 16-hour training program, participants earn their coveted Dealer Tech Certification. This recognition signifies their mastery of reconditioning techniques and positions them as experts in the field.

Dealer Tech goes beyond the conventional training program, offering a transformative experience for Dealership Reconditioning Technicians. Through expert instruction, hands-on practice, and a focus on safety, participants emerge not just as technicians but as skilled artisans, capable of delivering unparalleled quality in the automotive detailing industry.









We offer IDA CD & SV Certification in a day.

The Certified Detailer Program (Phase I) consists of various aspects of detailing. At the conclusion of this course, you will take ten exams, 10-20 questions each, covering the following subject areas: Equipment, Chemicals, Glass, Interior Detailing, Leather, Paint Correction & Protection, Wheels & Tires, Prep Wash/Wash Bay, Detailing Terminology, and Safety & Compliance. To become a Certified Detailer, class participants must have a passing grade of 80% on each exam.

The Skills Validated (Phase II) Program covers four primary categories in which each candidate must demonstrate their hands-on ability to perform. They must have passed the ten written exams in Phase I and completed an in-person testing by an IDA Recognized Trainer in the following areas: Wash Bay/Prep, Interior, Exterior Correction, and Finishing Steps. Each portion of the testing will be a one-on-one teacher to student session.


COMBO – CD and SV: $350 for IDA Members and $700 for non-members.

Click the Sign Up for a Class Here button below to see the next available class dates and to register online for the class.

For More Info, Contact:

919-604-6686 or email training@majesticsolutions.com